Thirty Years Since Allende Audio
Peter Kornbluh, Director of the National Security Archive and author of The Pinochet File: A Declassified Dossier on Atrocity and Accountability. Kornbluh talks about Chile and the thirty years since Allende. The Situation in Iraq Audio Ian Williams, United Nations correspondent for The Nation. Williams discusses what the future UN role in Iraq might be.

RadioNation has established itself as one of the most provocative and informative shows on the air. A project of the non-profit Nation Institute, RadioNation is hosted by Nation contributing editor and longtime radio personality Marc Cooper. A weekly feast of news and opinion from some of America’s brightest writers, thinkers and activists. RadioNation can be heard on public stations across the country and over the Internet via Real Audio technology.

RadioNation rejects cutesy formatting and cuts through the blather of mainstream news coverage to provide the real story on domestic and international politics as well as literature, art, film, music, TV XXX and cyberspace.

Recent RadioNation programs have featured William Greider, Tom Hayden, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Victor Navasky, Christopher Hitchens, Stuart Klawans, Ralph Nader, Ron Daniels, Naomi Klein, Patricia Williams, Maxine Waters, Jesse Jackson, Jill Nelson, David Corn, Jerry Brown, Jonathan Kozol, Juan González, John Leonard, Bruce Shapiro, Doug Henwood, Pico Iyer, Randall Robinson, Frances Fitzgerald, Arthur Danto, Bernie Sanders, Barbara Ehrenreich and many more..

Leland Thompson is a young Coushatta man. When we met him he was preparing to be married. Leland works for the tribe. His job is to visit the elders and to gain whatever knowledge and memories that they might have before they are lost. More information about Leland Thompson – including a documentary and recording.

Songs of the People or Oyate Ta Olowan is a public radio series that takes you to the homelands of 52 different tribes, and invites you to sit, have a cup of tea and listen while the individual artist gives you a glimpse of this great national legacy.

The project began as a labor of love in the mid 1990’s with Milt and Jamie Lee, a husband and wife audio production team located in Rapid City, SD. This ambitious project was launched with major funding from the Corporation of Public Broadcasting and the National Endowment of the Arts.

John Burbank is the Executive Director and founder of the Economic Opportunity Institute (EOI), an activist, progressive, think tank located in Seattle, Washington. Never content with just “think,” Burbank has developed a think-do organization that not only puts into place innovative public policies but monitors their implementation and evaluates their progress. He is a syndicated columnist in the Pacific Northwest and offers a refreshing view from “the other Washington.” You can subscribe to EOI’s free, bimonthly ezine at ezine@EOIonline.org. Visit the Economic Opportunity Institute’s Web site:

Hightower Radio Commentaries are the brainchild of Jim Hightower, a Texan and populist who believes that to move America from greed to greatness, we must fuel the power and the passion of our nation’s workaday majority. These daily two-minute clips of hard-hitting common sense are on the Internet, brought to you exclusively by WebActive. For commentary archives before June 2003, visit

Save Money Watch TV On Your Computer

Save Money Watch TV On Your Computer

Save Money Watch TV On Your Computer

The Website You Wish You Knew About Years Ago
The internet is filled with mountains and mountains of information and entertainment. An individual can literally spend a thousand lifetimes searching the internet and still not be finished with the task. The internet is always expanding and relatos porno growing with new and exciting sites each and every day. Due to this fact many great sites can be overlooked even by the most diligent of individuals. One of the great new uses for the internet is using it to watch television relatos amor filial shows and short films. No longer does an individual have to go down to a movie house or subscribe to a multi package deal to watch their favorite shows. One of the hidden gems of the internet that I am very glad that I found out about is the website www.hulu.com. I wish I knew about it years ago.

Hulu.com offers a wide variety of TV shows and movies to watch. The website offers a free service as well as a paid subscriber service. For relatos masturbaciones individuals who decide to pay for service their options of shows and movies is larger and updated more frequently. For individuals who decide to use only the free service there are still thousands of old and recent TV shows and movies to choose from. The user simply presses play and enjoys the how. I am so thankful that I have relatos confesiones stumbled upon this great little site.

The Website No One Should Live Without
For those who are always looking to keep up on their favorite sitcoms, shows, movies, TV game shows, or different games and sports you love, then you are going to want to find the very best TV online stations. There are several different stations that one relatos gays can watch TV shows and sports on, depending on what they are trying to find on the web. So, knowing where to go on the web, and knowing what sites you are going to want to visit, is going to allow you to find the very best games, allow you to watch them in real time, and is going to allow you to watch the games live when they are on. And, for those who prefer the TV shows and sitcoms, not sports, you are also going to be able to watch relatos incesto them live, when you are looking for the best online sites to do so.

Therefore, knowing which sites to use, which sites are going to offer you the best shows and games, and the sites that are going to allow you to stream everything live, this is where you are going to want to find the different sites, in order to know what you are trying to watch. So, even if you do not have cable or satellite services, you are going to find that you can’t live without the best online sites, in order for you to catch your favorite team playing in real time, or to watch your favorite sitcom relatos lesbianas on a nightly basis. The more time you take to find these sites, the better the quality of the sites you are going to find, and the more you are going to be able to watch on the web. So, find your favorite sites, to catch your sports and shows.

As households look to save money in this time of economic uncertainty, they must look for unique and creative ways to do so. One possibility would be relatos zoofilia to get rid of Cable or Satellite TV from the home. The costs of these services can be substantial, and eliminating them would free up some extra cash. This does not mean that you would have to completely do without your favorite shows or movies, either. More and more content is now offered online, even through completely legal sites.I found some more information here. Specific shows are now archived and streamed online, either through the network’s website, or by a third party that incorporates advertising. Much of it is free. Some of the content can’t be found anywhere else, and special and unique footage and features of popular shows are often posted relatos transexuales on websites. Other shows or events may not be free and require subscriptions, but even a few of these can be purchased for much cheaper than a monthly cable or satellite bill. Online streaming is much smoother and of a higher quality than it was even a few years ago. Many modern TV’s can now connect to websites that stream content, thus increasing the size and enhancing the viewing experience. Ditching Satellite or Cable TV is now a realistic option, even for ardent TV show enthusiasts.
The Best Way To Watch Your Favorite Shows

Watching our favorite shows is so much different now than it was several years ago. Internet television has afforded us many luxuries. Making the most of this new technology requires using the excellent tools that are at our disposal.

Most people will quickly tell you that the biggest advantages of watching shows online is that they can be watched when you wish. Remember the time in which you had to be sitting in front of your television on a certain day, and at a certain time in order to catch your favorite show? Thankfully, that time is long gone.Confused? Here ‘s a little help .

Internet television also offers us exclusive content that we would not otherwise have access to. Bonus materials, behind the scenes footage, and actor interviews are just some of the possibilities. All of these things serve as a means to connect us to our favorite shows in ways there were never before possible.

It will be interesting to see how internet television continues to grow, expand, and improve in the coming years. The sky is the limit, and those that are in the know, clearly realize the benefits of using this medium as the best way to watch all of their favorite shows.

How To Watch TV From Odd Places

How To Watch TV From Odd Places

How To Watch TV From Odd Places

The Oddest Place You Watched TV
TV today is no longer a commodity but borders on necessity for many people around the world. To be able to keep up with social happenings, view hit new series, stay up to date with local and international news, and even monitor political interactions between countries, watching TV is an absolute must. The only part that has changed over the years is that you no longer have to be perched on your couch in the living room. TV can be viewed from virtually any location with the help of technology.

How To Watch TV From Odd Places
With the help webcams porno of laptops, smartphones, and tablets TV can be viewed from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Many TV providers give customers the option to stream TV, movies, and shows from a mobile device. Laptops can can used as well if they pick up a wifi connection. Everything from bedrooms, to poolside lounge chairs, to frozen log cabins can be a perfect place to view TV. With the ease and portability of mobile and wifi enabled devices, TV can be viewed in virtually any location. Viewers can get creative and take TV with them on the road to just about anywhere.

Beyond Flat Screens: Non-Traditional TV Viewing Options
With so many new technologies today, rather than go with flat screen, you are going to be able to find 3d, digital, and several other options when choosing your new TV set. So, if you are looking for the latest technology, and you want to find the movie theater feel when watching a movie, there are going to be several different options for you to consider when buying your new TV set. Taking the time to consider all options, and taking the time to compare the several different options in new TV sets, is going to ensure that you do get the latest technologies, and that you do get the right set when you are ready to make the purchase choice. When you want the latest technology, you are also going to want to take the time to compare several different options, in order to know both what other viewers, as well as the experts, claim the best new TV sets and technologies are. The more time you take in finding the right set, the more comfortable you will be in making the purchase, and in finding the best new set when you do make the new TV purchase option.

Don’t Be The Last One To Know About This
After watching ad after ad on the television you can’t help but wonder if you have watched more commercials than the actual show.
With the rise of online streaming now you can watch your favorite tv shows or movies online anytime with limited to virtually no commercial interruption.
Instead of flipping through countless channels you can simply pick and choose which ones you want to watch for free. And watch several all at once, if you want. All you need is a fast enough broadband connection and the correct media players.
With new websites continually growing and offering more media online for free, watching tv online is expected to replace regular television.
Even the small fees some sites charge still is significantly less in comparison to cable tv prices.
And with software downloads you can stream and watch instantly on any mobile device.

Companies are now turning to developing a streaming player that lets you use existing wi-fi so you can stream online television and movies straight to your own tv. Some of these devices also allow you to save what you watch so you can watch it as many times as you like. Newer tv models are allowing you to connect directly to the internet.

Places You Shouldn’t Have Watched TV On The Internet

Places You Shouldn’t Have Watched TV On The Internet

Places You Shouldn’t Have Watched TV On The Internet

The Best Places To Stream Your Favorite Movies And TV Shows
Every person that carries a smartphone around has a lot of options in their pocket. Furthermore, there are a number of new ways to watch movies and TV shows directly on your smartphone. For instance, by downloading the Netflix or Hulu app, you will have thousands of movies and television shows at your disposal. Therefore, you will never be bored on your next long-distance bus trip or car ride with your family. Streaming movies and shows has never been easier.

Can You Really Watch Movies And TV Shows On Your Mobile Phone?
A lot of people who are not tuned into all the different ways that you can utilize a smartphone will act completely surprised when you tell them one simple fact.The whole story can be found at. If you tell them that they can watch television shows and movies on their phones, they will be utterly shocked. What is more, most consumers are completely unaware that you can stream movies and TV shows on Netflix. Netflix offers a great monthly deal for renting and streaming movies and shows. This is why so many people have downloaded the Netflix smartphone app.

Know Where To Get More Of Your Favorite Characters
TV show characters are one of the most fundamental parts of a good TV show. Without the characters on the show, a large number of TV shows wouldn’t be as popular as they are today. Characters bring personality and individual traits to a TV show. So, it’s no surprise that TV shows with very popular characters have a fan base outside of the TV show. Here are some of the places you can go to get more information or content about your favorite TV show characters.

Network Website strong>

Many times, networks that have the show will have additional content and information about the TV show on their website. For example, if you wanted to find out more information about the Game of Thrones character Melisandre, then you could visit HBO’s network website and the go to the blog area of the website. There you could find blog articles about the character.

Search Engines

If you do a search for the character on the show, there’s a good chance you’ll turn up some good information. You might find a forum that has posts about interviews with the actor or additional content they have discovered. You might also find the actor’s twitter, which sometimes has information about the character or TV show depending on the actor.

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Places You Shouldn’t Have Watched TV On The Internet
There are millions of subscribers to Internet television services in the world, and the number continues to grow by the thousands each day. Most people prefer watching the latest movies and shows from the comfort of home without having to worry about picking them up at the local video store. These services are typically inexpensive, and that is what attracts so many consumers from all walks of life and budgetary constraints. Unfortunately, many people end up taking advantage of unlimited Internet streaming by watching shows during some rather inappropriate times. The fact that consumers can take their favorite shows anywhere they want does not always mean that it is a good idea to actually do it.

One of the most inappropriate places to watch television online is at work. Many people have desk jobs that have them sitting down for more than a few hours each day. This can lead them to consider streaming a television show or movie when they think their boss is not paying attention. Internet television is also making its way into vehicles due to the popularity of unlimited data through cellular phones. More people now than ever before are streaming movies while driving when they should be keeping their eyes on the road instead.Want to know more? Go ahead: Intel confirms new internet-based television streaming product, ‘working with entire industry’ to launch this year