Thirty Years Since Allende Audio
Peter Kornbluh, Director of the National Security Archive and author of The Pinochet File: A Declassified Dossier on Atrocity and Accountability. Kornbluh talks about Chile and the thirty years since Allende. The Situation in Iraq Audio Ian Williams, United Nations correspondent for The Nation. Williams discusses what the future UN role in Iraq might be.

RadioNation has established itself as one of the most provocative and informative shows on the air. A project of the non-profit Nation Institute, RadioNation is hosted by Nation contributing editor and longtime radio personality Marc Cooper. A weekly feast of news and opinion from some of America’s brightest writers, thinkers and activists. RadioNation can be heard on public stations across the country and over the Internet via Real Audio technology.

RadioNation rejects cutesy formatting and cuts through the blather of mainstream news coverage to provide the real story on domestic and international politics as well as literature, art, film, music, TV XXX and cyberspace.

Recent RadioNation programs have featured William Greider, Tom Hayden, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Victor Navasky, Christopher Hitchens, Stuart Klawans, Ralph Nader, Ron Daniels, Naomi Klein, Patricia Williams, Maxine Waters, Jesse Jackson, Jill Nelson, David Corn, Jerry Brown, Jonathan Kozol, Juan González, John Leonard, Bruce Shapiro, Doug Henwood, Pico Iyer, Randall Robinson, Frances Fitzgerald, Arthur Danto, Bernie Sanders, Barbara Ehrenreich and many more..

Leland Thompson is a young Coushatta man. When we met him he was preparing to be married. Leland works for the tribe. His job is to visit the elders and to gain whatever knowledge and memories that they might have before they are lost. More information about Leland Thompson – including a documentary and recording.

Songs of the People or Oyate Ta Olowan is a public radio series that takes you to the homelands of 52 different tribes, and invites you to sit, have a cup of tea and listen while the individual artist gives you a glimpse of this great national legacy.

The project began as a labor of love in the mid 1990’s with Milt and Jamie Lee, a husband and wife audio production team located in Rapid City, SD. This ambitious project was launched with major funding from the Corporation of Public Broadcasting and the National Endowment of the Arts.

John Burbank is the Executive Director and founder of the Economic Opportunity Institute (EOI), an activist, progressive, think tank located in Seattle, Washington. Never content with just “think,” Burbank has developed a think-do organization that not only puts into place innovative public policies but monitors their implementation and evaluates their progress. He is a syndicated columnist in the Pacific Northwest and offers a refreshing view from “the other Washington.” You can subscribe to EOI’s free, bimonthly ezine at ezine@EOIonline.org. Visit the Economic Opportunity Institute’s Web site:

Hightower Radio Commentaries are the brainchild of Jim Hightower, a Texan and populist who believes that to move America from greed to greatness, we must fuel the power and the passion of our nation’s workaday majority. These daily two-minute clips of hard-hitting common sense are on the Internet, brought to you exclusively by WebActive. For commentary archives before June 2003, visit

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